Elemental is the brainchild of Arnaud Malan, who created the software during his Ph.D at Swansea University. It has since seen 18 years of continuous development and expansion into a multi-physics tool used in cutting edge research and direct support of industry. The software enjoys international acclaim and was voted the Best Innovation in Flight Physics for 2017/18 by hundreds of Airbus engineers.


The vision of Elemental Numerics is to create tools and deliver services that empower engineers and researchers through a perpetual drive for excellence and a strong focus on an innovation culture. 


Apart from continuous verification with experimental data from industry, the fundamental research that underpins Elemental is published in top international peer-reviewed scientific journals.



Elemental Numerics is the owner of the Elemental software suite, created from years of research in the field of computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The software constitutes the next generation in CFD technology. It addresses industrial problems in one package while accounting for multiple physical phenomena (multi-physics) with unprecedented computational speed and accuracy.

Multi-Phase Slosh Loads

Multi-phase internal flows to calculate dynamic structural loads in tanks. Interface driven phenomena: surface tension and phase change.


Fast and efficient compressible flow solvers with strongly coupled fluid-structure interaction.



"We have therefore found the Elemental code to be scientifically innovative while outperforming competing commercial codes by a significant margin, particularly in terms of accuracy. The technology has succeeded in modelling even the most complex industrial sloshing problems, bringing new insights to our loads engineers."

Francesco Gambioli: Tech. Skill Leader – Wing, Airbus Operations